The Famous Grouse

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We’ve been working with The Famous Grouse as their global social content agency since 2017.

A brand that’s renowned for their premium blended Scotch whisky deserves the highest quality content. We needed a cut-through social campaign that would surprise and delight their customers around the world. And it needed to relay their key messages effectively

A rewarding idea

Each piece of social content has to tie into The Famous Grouse’s "well deserved" messaging and key strategic theme, "elevate the everyday." With this in mind, our first campaign was developed around the concept of rewarding hardy hikers with a dram of whisky.

To test the idea, we produced some initial social posts suggesting that a dram could be the perfect reward after a hike. When this generated a positive response amongst their audience, we knew the concept was worth investing in further.

This resulted in the centrepiece of the campaign -  a two minute short film (produced with Greenroom Films) showing hikers being rewarded with a dram as they reach the summit of their climb. We also created multiple image assets, short edits and a ‘making of’ piece to support it.

The finished film is a high-quality piece that was really well received throughout the business and by our international market teams. Not only this, we were really pleased to see the results and level of engagement that the film delivered and the wonderful consumer interactions and comments it prompted.

Ross Herdman

Global Brand Manager, The Famous Grouse

214,647video views

A well deserved result

The direct response to the campaign on social media was extremely positive. Fans of the brand expressed their love for The Famous Grouse itself,  as well as for the video in its own right.

As The Famous Grouse's global agency, we monitor how many of their markets publish our content themes and how they perform. The results were impressive both in the UK and internationally, with a total post reach of 516,466 people and 214,647 video views.

Behind the Scenes

Top of the world

The film was shot at Glenturret Reservoir near Crieff, Scotland. We used a drone to capture cinematic footage of the stunning scenery, despite challenging wind conditions. The cairn at the peak of Choinneachain Hill (2582ft), with dramatic views of  Loch Turret below, provided the perfect location to greet hikers with a dram.

Using Facebook to test for success

Our launch plan included a total of 8 Facebook ad sets. This enabled us to test the variables that could have a positive impact on the success of the piece. For example copy, CTA, targeting, pacing and campaign objectives. This helped establish the most effective ad strategy with the budget available.

A sneak ‘peak’

Ahead of launching the film, we shared a teaser post giving The Famous Grouse fans an indication that something great was on the way. The comment thread was inundated over the course of the day with fans trying to guess what was coming, and the post generated a 15% engagement rate.