Making digital a key ingredient of the Nando’s experience

An enticing new customer experience

We're working with Nando's to completely overhaul their digital presence and make it an integral part of the overall customer experience. To achieve this, we knew we needed to make their online channels as enticing as their restaurants. First, we designed and developed a hot and spicy new mobile app and website around their fun and fiery brand personality. Then our enterprising development team created a number of clever custom integrations, including bringing their loyalty programme online for the first time.

Keeping Nando’s fans hungry for more

A key ingredient of Nando's brief was bringing their loyalty programme online. Their existing programme was based around pre-printed cards and didn't allow for data capture. We replaced their old paper and stamp loyalty card system with a new plastic card that talks directly to their EPOS system. We then integrated this with both the website and app.

image of nandos website on ipad

An app that keeps them coming back

We created a fun but functional mobile app with Nando's loyalty scheme and takeaway ordering service seamlessly baked in. Users can now check their rewards and order a takeaway wherever they are, on both iOS and Android. This helps keep Nando's most loyal customers engaged both on and offline. For example, the app allows customers to quickly and easily record their order, rather than having to memorise everything before going to the till. It even remembers their table number! We took a modular approach to building the app so that it could be adapted for different markets and retain its core infrastructure. Localised versions have already been released in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

A sizzling new website

Nando's previous website was based around a number of third party technologies. This meant customers didn't have a consistent experience and it was costing Nando's more time and money than necessary. We undertook key stakeholder research to understand what users wanted and needed from the Nando's website. We then redesigned and rebuilt a responsive new website using the Drupal CMS framework. The new site brings Nando's colourful and exciting brand to life, and enables customers to do much more than before.

image of nandos website on ipad

Going global

Our approach paid off, with the app, website and loyalty programme proving hugely popular ever since they were launched. Nando's customers can now check how many 'Chillies' and rewards they've earned, find their nearest restaurant, and even order their favourite meal through the online takeaway service. And both the app and website code are now being used as the blueprint for global rollout across multiple markets.

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