Helping Lloyds Banking Group transform the way they talk to customers

An ambitious vision, made easier

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) work with us on an ambitious agenda to transform the way they communicate with customers. We're supporting their vision to move from a linear, product-led approach to a much more dynamic, emotionally intelligent one that serves up helpful content to customers at the right moment. That kind of change can be hard, especially for large organisations.

To tackle this, we helped LBG identify a number of specific customer problems that we could focus on in turn and move forward quickly. By combining our expertise in strategy, content, data and deployment and organising the right people and resources around each problem, we’ve been able to remove obstacles from the outset and make faster progress.

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More useful content, focused on customers

One area where LBG wanted to deliver a better experience was across their service communications, which make up around 80% of their correspondence with customers. They recognised this as a huge opportunity to improve customer relationships by making these messages clearer and more personal.

At a glance

  1. 2015 Nudge Award recognising pioneering work in behavioural science
  2. Efficiency savings by using data aggregation
  3. Speed to market halved through greater use of automation and faster proofing times
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More timely and relevant messages

Our award-winning solution has completely transformed both the content and delivery of these multichannel communications. By applying behavioural science to the development of the written content, we’ve been able to improve transparency and help customers make better decisions. We also developed a data and composition platform that enables the bank to deliver more timely and relevant messages to customers, through email and direct mail. This has resulted in significant cost savings and reduced campaign management overhead.

Expertise & tools...

  • Brand Research
  • Strategy
  • Behavioural Science
  • Communications Planning
  • Data analysis & strategy
  • CRM automation & delivery
  • Trigger-based programmatic planning
  • CRM creative
  • Email build & integration
  • Production management

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