Innovative Medicines Initiative

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The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is a groundbreaking public-private partnership which fosters collaboration in healthcare research. It helps speed up the development of new medicines, so more patients in need can receive the treatment they need.

However, the initiative has received some criticism, and there was a danger this would overshadow its achievements. We wanted to change the conversation by demonstrating the difference the IMI is making.

The idea: #CarryTheTorch

We created a powerful film, telling the story of how the IMI is carrying the torch of medical innovation from the past into the future. And we supported it with a suite of social content to add more context.

The campaign connects the work that IMI is currently doing with the great medical pioneers and discoveries of the past. And it shows that the work of today’s scientists is just as critical and transformative.

All over Europe there are countless academics, researchers, scientists and clinicians quietly collaborating in order to help patients live better and longer lives. The #CarryTheTorch campaign gave us an exciting opportunity to tell their stories, and to demonstrate how the Innovative Medicines Initiative is supporting these life-changing 21st century innovators.

Brian Coane


10 yearsof collaboration and innovation

Celebrating progress

The positive message of #CarryTheTorch continues to spread through the IMI and their partner organisations. The campaign has evolved into a wider campaign - #IMITenYears - which supports the initiative’s 10th anniversary in 2018 and celebrates its significant public, social and economic value in a simple and memorable way.