European Diabetes Forum

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Diabetes is one of the world’s biggest health problems - a global pandemic which affects 60 million people and claims a life every 6 seconds.

The European Diabetes Forum (EUDF) was formed in 2018 as a collective response to the disease. It brings together several key academic and scientific influencer groups, in a bid to raise awareness of diabetes and ensure the translation of research into policy and practice which improves diabetes care.

How we helped

EUDF needed a way to unite its diverse stakeholder voices behind a single call to action, ahead of its official launch.

Following our appointment, we had less than two months to develop a new visual identity, logo and website for EUDF. First, we worked closely with multiple EUDF stakeholders to design a strong visual identity and logo. This highlights the Forum’s aim of driving progress through collaboration.

We then developed the EUDF website other collateral to support the new identity. This includes the Forum’s Call to Action and printed materials for the launch event.

We also handled social media set-up and community management and ran targeted creative campaigns for the launch (followed up by new content for World Diabetes Day).

We were privileged to have the opportunity to support the European Diabetes Forum from the very beginning, helping unite the stakeholders around a common identity in order to drive evidence-led change to policy and clinical practice.”

Pamela Brankin


60mpeople affected worldwide

A rallying cry for better care

The Forum’s vision, mission and Call to Action are now at the heart of its website, social media and other collateral. This is helping to unite their stakeholders around a common identity and shared mission.

Getting the details right

A consistent identity

To give EUDF the best start, the visual identity flowed across the website and social media advertising. We also created a series of striking templates which showcase the Forum's aims.

Building online awareness

A high-impact Twitter campaign was the perfect vehicle to launch the EUDF brand and mission. Focusing on the scientists, policy makers and professionals behind EUDF, it made an immediate impact with a wider pan-European audience. This will help ensure policy action is directed towards better diabetes care, nationally and on a European level.