A guild of thinkers and doers who organise around your problem.

Every brief gets the experts it needs in the right combination. We never take exactly the same approach twice. We have broken down the barriers and lost the baggage that usually stop this happening.



Good creative isn't mysterious. It's not a 'dark art'. Entirely the opposite, in fact. Creativity should be easy. It should be easy to relate to. Grounded in customer insight and human truth so it stirs the emotions. And most importantly, it should strip away all the 'and-other-things' and 'nice-to-haves' to leave something that's easy to understand.

But here's the thing - making things easy is hard work. Whether it's digital advertising, CRM or web builds, you can be sure that our creative, design and UX teams have put hours of thinking, gallons of coffee and wastebins of paper into creating exactly the right answer for the brief. See? Easy.

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Software Engineering

Signal's engineering team is organised around a core technology set - Java (Adobe AEM/CQ5), PHP (Drupal, Symfony, Laravel), as well as native apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Our work is a combination of big numbers, purposeful innovation and agile working.

Our content delivery infrastructure for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games website dealt with 11.5 million unique visitors, peak demand of 1,372 requests per second, with 0% downtime.

Our Nando's mobile app is an integral part of the brand's integrated service design and has been downloaded over 2 million times.

The team is agile trained and works to agile principles. We deliver enterprise solutions with boutique-style inclusivity.

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CRM has smartened up its act.

An explosion of data and technology mean we now have the tools to show true empathy and understanding of customer needs. To listen and respond to behaviour in a thoughtful way - even at a moment's notice.

We call this new way of thinking emotionally intelligent CRM. It means not sticking doggedly to an internally-focused communications plan, or different parts of a business all battling to communicate with the same customers. Instead, letting each customer lead the conversation, following that lead, and making stronger connections at key moments.

Our teams devise adaptable frameworks that are conceived in planning, realised in the data, and brought to life using cutting-edge technology. Using a continual feed of customer behaviour and preferences, the system determines the next-best-action for each customer. The result is a single customer view, with an ability to adapt the message, timing and channel to optimally serve up interesting and relevant content that hits home. The result is stronger, mutually beneficial customer relationships.

This isn't a futuristic "optional extra". Leading brands have evolved to thrive in this fertile landscape and customer expectations are already high.

And this is where we excel.

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The best paid media brings the power of brand and response together across all channels, blending owned and earned media estates to deliver messages and content in the most efficient mix. We have a heavy emphasis on planning and insight so can deliver the best outcome for each strategy. By working across all media, we can explore, model and forecast every potential scenario for every campaign. So, whether it's through social, TV or search, we always use the most effective media at the best price in order to maximise ROI.

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Strategy isn't a plan. Strategy is the plan. Strategy is the best plan from all the available options, based on an understanding of purpose, people, context, competition, and resource. Good strategy is simple and profound. But in an increasingly complex and technical world, simple is getting harder to do. Our strategy team are all specialists in their fields: CRM, Data, SEO, Content, UX, Behavioural Science, Brand and Comms. They bring different perspectives, frameworks and worldviews to strategy development. They attack problems together, from different angles. The results are smart, original and, yes, simple.

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