Next Level Supporter Journeys

Helping charities unlock the critical moments that matter.

Nearly half of donors forget the charity they last supported.*

Yet despite this, many charities are wasting time and resource planning long journeys that span years, or even a lifetime.

The reality is that all you have is a moment in your supporter’s life - and you have to make it count.

To address this, we've developed a smarter approach to journey planning that helps charities focus on these critical moments.

*Source: Charity Digital News

Helping the BHF make a strategic shift

Find out more about how we’ve helped the British Heart Foundation put a smarter, faster, five step approach to journey planning in place.

 “This audience-led, data-informed, quick to market work will lower our risks and overheads - and allow us quicker learnings so we can adapt along the way.”

Adam Stricker-Morecroft, Retention Lead, British Heart Foundation

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