Connecting data and content at scale

Enable mass personalisation across multiple channels with Data Processing Automation.

Communications management best practice

At the heart of every high-volume customer marketing campaign, there’s a set of important data tasks to be done.

Where and how you perform these tasks can have a massive bearing on the efficiency and effectiveness of your work.

At Signal, we help brands decouple data processing and document composition from production and distribution.

This delivers the following benefits:

Data Security

Decoupling gives you control over the end-to-end data management process, removing reliance on vendors to handle your most precious asset.

Quality Assurance

Take control of all client assets and own the risk around artwork and studio management.

Channel Substitution

Decoupling allows for progressive change to introduce new and varied channels for communication.

Vendor Agnostic

Provide best in class supply partners to deliver the end communication to spec and cost effective pricing.

"Signal’s expertise has been invaluable in helping us transform how we develop our mandatory and regulatory communications. Working together we’ve taken huge strides in improving customer experience, reducing risk, and streamlining deployment.”

Head of Mandatory and Regulatory Communications , Major high street bank

Our other specialist services for M&R Communications

Collaborative Delivery Model

Make the end-to-end process a whole lot less painful and less risky, with our critical path approach.

Embedding Behavioural Economics Best Practice

Embed a behavioural approach to customer communications across your internal teams with our proven programme.

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