We’re merging Signal & Brightsource - here’s why.

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We’re merging Signal & Brightsource - here’s why.

In 2016 we announced the launch of Signal - uniting agencies Tangible, Instinctiv and Blonde Digital into one brand. As of today, we’re also formally bringing Brightsource into the Signal fold.

We’re connecting our expertise in digital, analytics and decisioning (Signal) with our expertise in automation and marketing operations (Brightsource). In the past, the boundaries of ‘brands & marketing’, ‘data’ and ‘digital’ defined client structures. Today, these boundaries are increasingly breaking down, and this merger will allow us to better help our clients across their whole marketing operating model.  

While we’re very proud to be specialists - committed to deepening our expertise in digital, CRM and marketing operations - the new Signal will allow us to seamlessly combine this expertise around specific client problems. Integrating a site CMS with a CRM system or implementing a trigger-based contact strategy with automated production are examples of typical client challenges that the merger will allow us to tackle more efficiently.

Whether we’re advising at a strategic level, or providing integration or production support, the merger will enable us to easily assign the right people to every job.

We're always enormously proud to get feedback like this, from our long-standing client, RBS:

“Signal really, really care. They take the time to understand the complexities of my organisation. The people are very talented, they work well together, and they embrace us as a client working as part of a small, family-like team. We have a very honest and transparent working relationship. We have great fun together and I hope they feel the same about us.”

We do feel the same. And we understand that our clients need as short a walk as possible to experts who can work to their rhythm, at pace, in cross-functional teams. This merger will help us to deliver exactly that.

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