Life After Lockdown: A perfect time to streamline

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Life After Lockdown: A perfect time to streamline

The last few months have taught us how important it is to move fast and be flexible. But we know that in the world of financial services, that’s a lot easier said than done.

The good news is, that although we’ve had our fair share of challenges recently, it’s also sparked off a whole load of questions. Questions are good – we like questions. Because now businesses are starting to question those established ways of working – once tried and tested methods and processes simply aren’t cutting it in today’s climate. Instead, there’s a focus on breathing new life into campaigns, be it digital or direct mail.

Everything can benefit from a few well-placed questions.

Thanks to Coronavirus (Covid-19) we’ve seen an acceleration in the adoption of ‘Agile Marketing’ during lockdown. As well as an increase in intelligent, automated solutions that make data processing more efficient. And the bonus is that all this helps financial marketeers to shorten their campaign cycles and ultimately reduce costs.

Here are just two of the ways Signal are helping clients to streamline processes during COVID-19 and beyond.

1. Streamline your… creative process

How does this sound – a new, faster approach to developing strong content in short, focused bursts, that doesn’t cut corners Welcome to Sprints.

Developing campaigns in Sprints doesn’t require Agile training, it’s more about borrowing some ways of working that are commonplace in digital:

  • Planning: Agree on a block of time, perhaps a week or fortnight, and ensure a cross-functional team of specialists, brand folk, planners, creatives, and a project manager can come together to plan the creative process and commit to tasks.
  • Doing: Speak to each other on a regular basis during the Sprint and set up tools (you have them already or they’re free) to enable real-time collaboration. Now more than ever, close collaboration and being in the development of the work together is key.
  • Deciding: Ensure that decision-makers are in the team, so when the work is done it moves straight into deployment.
  • Learning: Track what works and what doesn’t. Which templates and audiences are working better than expected, and what isn’t cutting it. The team can use this information to make each sprint more successful than the last.

Depending on your project, you can cut your lead times considerably. Not only that but there is a greater degree of flexibility, making the mobilisation of integrated campaigns easier to manage.

Agility benefits aside, everyone we’ve worked with in this way has hugely enjoyed the process and said that it produces better work. No great surprise when this process neatly circumnavigates those cumbersome decision-making and approval cycles.

2. Streamline your… data processing

Automate. Automate. Automate. We hear it everywhere. And here at Signal we’ve seen how data processing automation has the potential to not only improve efficiency, but also improve customer experience and reduce costs.

The tasks that we automate sit at the heart of major communications programmes. And by connecting data and content, intelligently and at scale we are able to:

  • Speed up and de-risk the marketing communications process.
  • Deliver production cost savings.
  • Simplify multi-channel campaign management.
  • Increase levels of personalisation and improve customer experience.
  • Make it easier to switch vendors downstream in the supply chain.

Give it a go – right now.

Let’s face it, there’s no better time to try this approach, so pick a campaign and go for it.

Maybe choose one that you want to mobilise quickly due to Covid-19, or a campaign you want to delay starting because you’re busy on more urgent work in progress.

You may also want to kick off an audit of your established programme and process, to define the change that is required to migrate to a format and data driven set of BAU products. The key is to start experimenting, after all, the most effective transformations are iterative and incremental.

Get in touch

At Signal we have extensive experience in both digital and direct mail, and we’ve helped a range of clients apply digital skills and practices to their BAU programmes. So please get in touch if you’d like more information, or a more detailed deep dive into streamlining your processes, be it creative, data, or customer experience.

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