Embedding Behavioural Economics Best Practice

Give your in-house teams the tools to craft better messages

Leverage our expertise in behavioural economics to roll out a truly behavioural approach to customer communications.

Our training programme includes:

  • A bespoke set of mandatory & regulatory communication principles and design guidelines.
  • A behavioural framework that makes the application of behavioural economics simple for both marketing and operational teams. 
  • A two-part training programme - made up of a 45-minute Webex and a full day immersive session. 

All training is led by a Behavioural Economics Specialist, certified by the London School of Economics.

Empowering 300+ marketers at LBG

We delivered Behavioural Economics training to over 300 in-house marketers at Lloyds Banking Group.

This has helped their comms teams craft impactful, easy-to-read messages that inspire good financial decisions.

"I don’t think we could have hoped yesterday to have gone any better than it did – and that is because all of you are completely brilliant, the preparation was mind-blowing in the detail and the collateral was amazing."

Marketing Manager, Mandatory & Regulatory Communications, Lloyds Banking Group

Our other specialist services

Collaborative Delivery Model

Make the end-to-end process a whole lot less painful and less risky, with our critical path approach.

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