Emotional intelligence for brands.

Empathy and mutuality make the world go round. They also help us deliver value for our clients and their customers.

Empathy, mutuality, agility.

If data and technology are the engines of modern marketing, then emotional intelligence is the lubricant. Signal makes empathy and mutuality work hard for its clients and their customers. We step imaginatively into the shoes of the people whose behaviour we seek to influence. And we create services and communications which deliver value for all parties.

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Signal is long on specialists but short on silos. The agency is the result of a merger of three highly specialised sister agencies. In the process we have remade our agency model and our modus operandi from the ground up. We have none of the legacy culture, process or talent issues that have made integration a dirty word.

assortment of images from Signal offices

Signal provides a conducive environment for agile cross-discipline working. Our best work is the result of collaborations and collisions between different schools of thought - when UX people have input to content strategy, when software engineers turn their minds to service design, when CRM and UX specialists collaborate on customer journeys.

assortment of images from Signal offices

The agency is agile (small a) by default. Everyone has had external training in agile working. A high proportion of our people are kanban certified. Our teams organise fluidly around problems. We get to elegant solutions fast. Working with us is inclusive, efficient and fun.

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