Creating supporter-driven conversations for the British Heart Foundation

Putting supporters at the heart of things

We’re working with British Heart Foundation to give their supporters more control over the communications they receive, based on each person’s preferences and behaviours. This enables BHF to send people more varied and interesting content, at more relevant times, through the most suitable channels. Supporters can now choose whether to watch new videos on the train, or read their welcome pack at leisure over their morning coffee.

Communicating better with new supporters

We began this process by helping BHF tackle a big problem. Half of their regular supporters were cancelling their direct debits within the first 12 months. They asked us to help them put a better experience in place during this crucial first year to make sure supporters feel more valued and want to continue their support. We worked with BHF to design these new supporter journeys using behavioural science, and then used our automated tech tool TriggerHub to deliver them.

Behavioural science

BHF’s previous approach meant that people only heard from them when the charity organised a new campaign or event. We dramatically changed this strategy by introducing the concept of the ‘supporter trigger.’ This allows the individual’s actions and preferences to determine the next best action for the journey.

An example of the British Heart Foundation on devices

At a glance

  1. 2015 Nudge Award recognising pioneering work in behavioural science
  2. Efficiency savings by using data aggregation
  3. Speed to market halved through greater use of automation and faster proofing times
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Automated delivery

Having planned these new supporter journeys, we can then program data rules into TriggerHub to make them happen when required. Once the initial rules are written and communication templates checked there is no more briefing, processing or proofing. Everything runs automatically.
This new approach is exactly what we wanted. It has transformed the experience of our regular supporters by putting them in control of what happens next, and it’s also saving us a considerable amount of time.
Alice Herzog, Retention Direct Marketing Manager, British Heart Foundation

Driving continuous improvement

BHF can now have a whole new conversation with their supporters – one that changes over time as they learn about what each person wants. Despite the increased complexity, the automated deployment means this new approach is quicker and easier for staff to manage than before - saving BHF time previously spent on routine tasks. This has freed up more time for the charity to invest in thinking about improvements to the journey, working out what’s effective and developing simple A/B tests to drive continuous improvement. And their supporters have much more control over what communications they receive and how they receive it - making it a welcome change for everyone involved.

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